What is Úschovna.cz?

Úschovna offers easy way to send your data up to 300 MB for free! You need only to save your package and recipients given by you will receive an e-mail with instructions how to download the package during 14 days up to 30 times. Your data are delivered quickly, safely and only to recipipents specified by you.

Who needs Úschovna.cz?

Everyone who needs to send larger data. Students can use Úschovna for sending their homeworks to teachers or classmates. Companies can use it for communication with suppliers or clients or as a supplement for FTP. Are you away from your family, but you want to stay in touch? It is so easy with Úschovna. Send your photos or videos or anything else. It is easy, quick and private, content will be delivered only to those you specify.

Do you need more?

Do you need larger package, more downloads or longer storage? No problem! Úschovna offersup to 2GB space and up to 100 downloads during 90days. How to order? It is so easy - limit increase is available via one-time SMS payment.

Not enough?

Do you want more sophisticated tool for data administration?Do you need permanent sharing space for sharing with group of people? Are you looking for safe place for your data available from anywhere? We have solution – www.capsa.cz

Do you have a business and need more complex tool?

Even though we have a solution for you – custom made administrative systems according to your needs – www.premier.cz.

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