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Since 1.7.2010 became Capsa-Premier.cz, s.r.o. provider of Uschovna.cz. services. Capsa-Premier.cz, s.r.o. is association of Capsa.cz, PREMIER System, a.s. and Witto, s.r.o. Capsa.cz is online data sharing service providing file sharing, calendar and contacts sharing between group of users available via easy web interface. Sophisticated file administration including online editing, version administration and changelog is the major advance of Capsy. Capsa is ideal solution for small and medium businesses, but is used also by individuals, education facilities or non-profit organizations. More at www.capsa.cz.

PREMIER system, a.s. is PREMIER system software developer. PREMIER system is complex administrative software (ERP system) for small and medium businesses.PREMIER system offers software modules for all business activities (economic,sales and services, HR, production, technology) and special extension modules to offer solution for every kind of business. More at www.premier.cz.

WITTO, s.r.o. provides accounting services in Slovakia. More at www.witto.sk.

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Úschovna.cz hardware

You data are stored at server with capacity 10TB at RAID5 harddrive array backed-up with one more identical server. Therefore Úschovna.cz is available even in case of technical failure and your data are protected in two different ways.

Úschovna.cz is connected by 1Gb/s connetion provided by Master s.r.o. - www.master.cz, which provides serverhousing for Úschovna.cz. Our servers are protected against temperature fluctuation, power failure, physical damage or burglary thanks to our provider.

Our servers are connected by internal infrastructure provided by Master s.r.o. as well, which provides back-upping and switching between servers in case of technical failure. Master s.r.o. provides us an administrative system for remote control and server monitoring so Úschovna.cz can be available anytime.

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