Permanent data sharing -

Do you need own space for data, easily accesible from anywhere? Do you need to share data with group of people quickly and easily? Capsa is the best solution for you

What is is easy web tooloffering file, calendar and contacts sharing for a group of isers.

What is it good for?

Capsa could be used for data storage easily accessible from anywhere on Internet by you and other users you choose. But Capsa offers more. It offers possibility to administrate whole projects – you can share large data, calendar and contacts with a group of users. Thanks to news, versions administration, comments and e-mail alertsyou can have anywhere and anytime overwiev about your project and work team.

Who can use Capsa?

Everyone who needs to permanently share data with a group of people. Capsa is used by companies for sharing large data within company or in communication with client. Companies implamentig ISO use Capsa for documentation preparation. Sales representatives on business trips use Capsa for easy access to their data from anywhere. Many agencies use Capsa for communication with all participating facilities. Wrok teams uses Capsa for work sharing, planning and communication within team without necessity to meet personally.

Are you interested in Capsa?

Capsa's basic version is for free for anyone. You just need to visit

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