Choose your limit for shared data

What size is the package? How long would you like to store it? How many times would you like to download it?

file size      > 300 MB 600 MB 1 GB 2 GB
no. of days/downloads     v
14/30 0 Kč 30 Kč 50 Kč 79 Kč
30/60 30 Kč 50 Kč 79 Kč 79
90/100 50 Kč 79 Kč 79 79

Prices in EUR, valid for sending from Slovak republic is available here.

How to raise package size limit:

  1. Price will appear after selecting higher limit in send package form(prices are summarised in table above).
  2. Upload and send your package.
  3. Prompt for payment via SMS message will appear after the package upload. Send the payment SMS after finishing the package upload.
  4. Send the message containing code listed below according to selected price:
    Price Send SMS containing code: to phone number:
    30 Kč KOD 903 33 30
    50 Kč KOD 903 33 50
    79 Kč KOD 903 33 79
    (for example: for sending 550 MB file the price will be 30,- Kč and the SMS containing code KOD should be sent at 903 33 30).
  5. Returning SMS with input code will be received after sending payment SMS.
  6. Input the code into the according column in the form and your limit will be raised.

Prices listed above are including VAT 20%. SMS payments are provided by Airtoy, a.s. Returns at phone number +420 226 807 210, 9-17 hours, Mo-Fr,
Provider contact:

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