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You can contact us by e-mail at

Provider of Ú, s.r.o. Saturnova 1197/1
Praha, Uhříněves
104 00

IČ: 60751878
DIČ: CZ60751878

Phone: +420 226 807 210

Jan Raab, executive


What is Ú for?

Úschovna can be used by anyone who needs to send larger data and do not want to register. It is suitable for one-time sharing of data. If you need to share your data permanently wtih a group of people or need to be informed about changes in shared data,you can register your own permanent project at

Are Úschovna services paid?

For packages up to 300 MB is service for free. If you need to send larger package you can raise the limit by one-time SMS payment. Prices and limits can be found here.

How to raise the package limit?

1. Send SMS with corresponding code at given phone number accordingly to requested limit(for example for sending 550MB package send SMS payment containing P DATA code to phone number 9030930).
2. Returning SMS with input code will be received after sending payment SMS.
3. Input the code into the according column in the form and your limit will be raised.

Is it possible to prepay more than one use of Úschovna services?

At this moment it is only possible to pay for one-time limit increase. Posibility to create own account for prepayment is being prepared.

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